Our solution to a full-width full-plate footrest, the adjustable heel plate. With a smooth and ultra tough anodised aluminium channel fitted to the hull, this moulded plate offers an incredibly solid plant for your heels so you can drive hard with your legs without overloading the footrest.

You still have easy access to the footrest behind, so you can make adjustments to the leg and tiller length. The main benefit of this system over traditional full-plate footrests, is you can use out standard full-width foot plate so there's plenty of room to swing the tiller – a must for marathon work.

Our new mark II heel plate is slightly different from that pictured and now has locations holes along the rail and a matching pin on the heel plate, so a secure placement can be found using just one adjustment screw. Two profiles are now available, standard (original) and flat to suit different hull shapes, see the table below for example fitting sizes. If you have and older heel plates, they will fit our new rail new system. 

Fitting notes

The retro-fit kit can be fitted using a variety of adhesives (not included in the kit), such as Sikaflex 221. Abrade the underside of the heel plate track and clean the surfaces throughly. Measure in where you want it, along the centre of the boat, mask up around the channel and bead a good fillet of adhesive under and around the channel.

The heel plate will fit all models, with exception of the Talisman. However, it works best with Stability 6 and faster models, at the front. With K2 rear seats, it works best with stability 2 or faster models.

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Below: Pictured the steering wire fixing system using two cable nipples.


Below: Heel plate fitted to a Kirton Teknik


Example heel plate size guide

Narrow ​

Kayak model Recommended plate (front)  Recommended plate (rear)
Tempest Flat
Tercel Flat x
Pulsar N/A
Tor  Flat x
Typhoon  Standard 
Tactic Standard
 Teknik Standard
 -- --  -- 
 Tasman Flat  Flat
Torque Flat Flat
Mirage/M.50 Standard Flat
Marauder Standard Standard
Mustang Standard Standard