Convenient and aerodynamic. This version of the V-Bar boasts easily removable ends. This means you can leave the 7ft bar on your car as a permanent fixture, saving you precious minutes every time you want to take the kayak out. The kit comes with two standard U-Bolts and two bungees that can be looped over the pegs on the Vs. It is advaisable that one riged strap or rope also be loosly tightened around the centre of the boat, to safeguard against the rare occation where the boat may be lifted in strong winds.

The bar profile is 1.5in square.

The standard V's are set at an angle of aproximatly 90 degrees with a lenght of 12inches

The shallow V's are set at an angle of aproximatly 120 degrees  with a legth of 12 inches. Note also that the shallow v are designed to fit a heavy duty bar, and therefor has a small amount of vertical slop when mounted in our standard guage bars, between the spring pin and the bottom of the bar. This will not affect the strength of the V, but we recomend that at least one strap be loosly tightened around the boat and bar to stop the V moving while on the road.

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[Below] Equipment supplied with V-Bar: Two standard bolts and two bungees.