This fully waterproof safety light comes with a specially adapted stainless bracket that unobtrusively and securely fixes beneath the forward handle on your Kirton K2. It's no headlamp, but is plenty bright enough to make your kayak stand out at night (great for winter training) and is also a DW essential, as it satisfies the *DW rule noted below. It packs an impressive 100hr continuous battery life and weights under 35g. See below for more highlights.

Note: before purchase please check you are able to remove the forward handle screw on your kayak. This bracket is designed to work with Kirton handles only.

  • Dual function by reversing the battery: Flashing (250hrs) and steady 100hrs)
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters
  • Omni-directional and visible up to a mile
  • High impact resistance
  • LED rated for 100,000 hour use
  • Uses 2 x CR2032 lithium coil cell batteries (included)
  • Operates from -40ºC to + 50ºC
  • Weight: Under 35g with bracket.
  • Approximate size of light (without bracket): 40x35x30mm

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*ESSENTIAL DW equipment

This tiny light is a great option for DW paddlers as it satisfies one of the more confusing equipment rules. This extract is taken form the DW Equipment list 2014:

"Below the Wokingham Waterside Centre (Dreadnought Reach) and until disembarkation, all boats must, without fail, display between the hours of sunset and sunrise a battery-powered white light facing forward."