Our latest ergonomic pullbar, designed as a perfect partner to latest front footrests and standard K2 rear footrests. Finished in carbon or aluminium Neoprene foam backing. For experienced paddlers who push and pull with their feet, for extra leg drive and stability. Now lighter, stronger and more adjustable than ever. Our pro carbon pull bar has neoprene padding and specially designed CNC milled pullbar nuts which can be tightened and adjusted with just one Allen/hex key.

The carbon pull bar has two height options, four depth options and is and adjustable.

If you find the traditional aluminium plain padded bar more comfortable you will be pleased to hear we have redesigned the fixing mechanism to offer this option too.

Both pull bars are available in two sizes, standard and wide and come complete with aluminium mounting strap and fasteners. Typically standard pull bars are mounted in the front cockpit and wide on rear positions.

Fitting notes

Compatible aluminium front footrests are a heavier gauge and have a large KK logo behind the foot plate. Older footrests are not compatible as hole location vary and are not as strong.


For maximum effect, the pull bar should fit snugly on top of your feet so there is minimum movement between the plate and the pull bar as you use it. However, as the tiller bar is directly behind the pull bar, you may find that the tiller fouls on the rear of the pull bar as you try and bring it in. Assuming the tiller bar itself cannot be moved further forward in the boat, it may be necessary to trim down the end of the tiller with a fine tooth saw - a brush of resin or varnish to seal the cut end will prolong the life of the hardwood.

Approximate sizing

  • Standard Pull bar (standard): Width 235mm
  • Wide Pull bar: Width 265mm
  • Tactic: pleas note this pull bar will not fir the Kirton tactic.

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[Below] Standard K1 pullbar fitted to front footrest.

Kirton pullbar carbon fitted


[Below] KK Carbon wide Pull Bar kit fitted to rear footrest.

Kirton pullbar carbon fitted wide

Kirton wide pullbar carbon kit