Key spec
Very ow wash
Boat length:
Max Beam:
Constructions: GRP
Stability: 10 (Very stable)



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This robust, all-weather catamaran was created by Leo WoHoner, the famous German designer of rowing and sculling craft, to provide a stable platform with a handy turn of speed, a degree of protection and excellent visibility.

Appearing the 2014 Commonwealth Games umpiring the Triathlon races.


Its rugged GRP construction and easy lines give good acceleration even with a 15hp engine, and its low wash characteristics enable officials to maintain position with rowing and conoeing racing crews.

The Regatta allows the official to stand holding the rail over the windscreen, and the driver to sit with the throttle to his right hand. The rack and pinion steerage provides a precise and good turning circle, achieved by interconnecting linkage between engine and twin lifting rudders.

Fuel change-overs are rapid. The sides and front can be hinged down to reduce the height for transportation. More than one craft can be carried on a 20 foot trailer. All in all, the Regatta is the first easily transported, functional and stylish service craft for racing events under all weather conditions.

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