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Key spec
Paddlers: 1-3 adults
Boat length: 16ft (Actual 4.83m)
Beam: 90cm
Centre Depth: 32cm
Weight: 28kg
Construction: Glass/Dyneema. Resin infused.
Stability: 12 (very stable)



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The ultimate canoe touring experience. Aptly named after the great Canadian lake, the Superior's pedigree lies in the original Prospector 16. We've taken our knowledge of racing and fine-tuned the Superior to make it even more efficient and enjoyable to paddle. Like it's fore-bearer, it's an excellent load carrier with natural tumblehome and symmetrical hull form. The key enhancements are at the bow and the stern, where the lines have been made finer and sharper, allowing the Superior to cut through the water with ease.

A real stand-out feature is it's exceptionally light-weight and highly technical hull. Using our latest vacuum track technology at our factory in the Heart of Devon, we are able to increase fibre density while minimising resin consumption, bringing the weight down without compromising strength and performance. A blend E-glass fibres, Diolen, Aramids and dent-resistant core materials are placed for the perfect balance of weight, stiffness and durability. Infusion grade epoxy and vinyl-ester resins give extra protection against impact and abrasion damage, and knit the structure into one incredibly robust structure.

Fitted as standard with two seats for tandem paddling, the Superior can also be paddled solo from the bow seat, facing the reverse direction. In either configuration it can manoeuvred with ease. Water-tight storage tanks are located at both ends of the hull, which also double-up as built in buoyancy and structural reinforcement. It also comes with vinyl gunwales, wooden seats, lifting handles, sealed bow tow point and hull-coloured deck plates.

+ Two sealed bulkhead/storage compartments. Aperture circa 130mm

+ Durable vinyl gunwales

+ Centre carrying thwart.

+ Optional rope fixing point on bow.

+ Option of wicker or webbing seats

+ Hull coloured end caps and bulkheads



The Kirton Superior is available in three striking colours as standard. Each has matched colour end caps and bulkheads.


Vacuum Track technology


A highly controllable and precise vacuum bagging process, that produces stronger, lighter and even more beautiful boats. Layers of fibre reinforcement and stiffening core materials are compacted under vacuum with a force or around 1000kg per square meter. Air and moisture is evacuated from the mould, and a precise quantity of vinyl-ester or epoxy resin is drawn through the fibres. This produces a hull with an exceptional fibre ratio and superior adhesion. The weight is kept to a minimum while stiffness and durability are markedly improved.