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Carbon pedals

Racing pedals, in place of a traditional tiller, are becoming increasingly popular among performance marathon paddlers. If you are looking to make the switch from a tiller  system then there are some key advantages that may well make it worth your while getting to grips with.

Firstly, for those with larger feet you may find you have to remove one foot from the foot plate so you can swing the tiller fully over when making big turns. With pedals, there is no need to do this, so they offer more responsive steering. Some generally find it faster to apply smaller rudder movements too. On a more subtle note, when you are in the process of leg driving, it is not possible to move your foot sideways with pressure applied to the foot plate. With a pedal, you can apply your steering at any point within the paddle stroke cycle without having to wait precious moments. 

Our performance carbon racing pedals include a carbon half footplate, aluminium frame, adjustable bungee tensioner, carbon pedals and comes pull bar ready. We can also supply with the carbon pull bar fitted.

Moving away from the full plate option has allowed us to make the footplate height adjustable using the two sets of three vertical holes on the front. We recommend using the pedals in conjunction with our heel plate system for maximum leg drive. Set the height so the ball of your foot is on the plate and your toes are able to move the pedal comfortably.

The pedals are conveniently tensioned back so they don’t flop around and keep the steering lines securely on the rudder wheel. You can adjust the tension of the bungee using the toggle at the back.

In testing we found that wire performed better than rope so it is fitted with our high-quality stainless rope as standard.