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We are experts in making accurate patterns (plugs) and composite tooling for marine and industrial use for small to medium sized parts. Our specialty is in creating affordable tooling that will give a great ‘off the mould’ finish with a fair surface and high-gloss finish.

All our patterns start from a CAD file in which we have extensive in-house experience from designing parts for our own production. Using our 5x10ft 3-axis light-industrial CNC router, we are able to accurately machine your patterns from low to high density foam including PU model board, epoxy board, XPS and EPS. This may be from one or multiple pieces depending on the part.

From here the real craft starts, and impressions are taken from the foam master using polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy resin, reinforced with glass-fibre or carbon. Next follows the highly-skilled process of machine and hand flatting, before polishing to the desired finish ready for the production tooling to be made. A mould will only ever be as good as the pattern.

Using our 11m oven we are able to post-cure polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy tooling, just let us know your production requirement and we’ll advise as best we can.

As every project is different and has it’s own set of considerations we will collaborate with you at every step of the way to ensure we are meeting your quality and budgetary needs.