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Our quality pledge

Our boats are handmade by master craftsmen using the finest materials available and proven techniques. Every boat is Manufactured to our stringent standards and inspected before leaving the factory. We are renowned for exceptional build-quality and take pride in knowing that every boat has been constructed well enough to deliver a lifetime of enjoyment. So, if your purchase lets you down at any point, and it’s our fault, then we will rectify the situation swiftly and without charge.

All of our boats are warranted to the original owner against manufacturing defects. If you experience problems and it’s due to a manufacturing or materials defect, we will repair or replace your boat without charge, at our discretion. All you have to do is contact us, tell us what happened and we’ll take it from there. You cover transit costs and we’ll foot the repair bill. Of course, damages due to negligence, improper use, accident, wear-and-tear and other situations where the fault is not ours, we will repair but for a reasonable charge. A copy of the original purchase receipt is required for all warranty claims.

Please remember that Kirton boats are made by hand, and each one carries unique characteristics and quirks.  Small air bubbles for example are common and part of the manufacturing process. They are safe and not considered a fault as they will not impede the performance or reliability of your boat.

Care tips

Our boats are high performance laminates and will need some looking after compared to basic plastic boats, especially if you want them to last for years and years. Here are some basic tips on care.

  • Do not leave your Kirton in the sun or weather for long periods. Keep them under cover when not in use to protect against water ingress, UV and heat damage. If you must store your boat in the elements, contact us for recommendations on the most appropriate constructions.
  • Never strap too tightly onto roof racks and trailers. The contact point is very small so this can put a lot of point pressure on the hull. We always recommend the use of a V-bar to support the length of the boat and prevent denting or damage.
  • Keep an eye on areas of wear on your boat, as an early repair or modification is much less expensive to put right. In salt water, regularly remove and rinse your seat and footrest. Of course, only allow professionals to make repairs. Remember you can always bring your Kirton to our factory for a service as we have records of exactly how the boat is constructed and have a team of expert repairers on hand.
  • Never store your boat inside the cover or bag. You must allow air to circulate around your boat to keep it dry and preserve the finish of your boat. In a wet summer, blisters can quickly form on any composite kayak.
  • If you have a sandwich construction or light-weight kayak, remember that the hull can easily be dented so take extra care when putting your boat down on racks and on the portage.
  • Use stands where possible and never put your kayak on a rough abrasive surface like gravel or concrete.
  • Never sit in in a boat that is not fully supported on the water, with the exception of sea kayaks where you should always use some padding before getting in.  Make sure the rudder and skeg is clear of the ground.
  • In the event of a capsize, invert your boat to empty it as best you can, before recovering onto dry land. A kayak can hold may hundred kilos of water and they are not designed to take this sort of loading.