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Custom colours

Custom and X-Spec Ranges gain access to our full colour menu and our house flashes. We recommend just two colours for a coherent design but you can customise the deck, hull, cockpit rim, seam, deck flash and decals. Also, more colours equals more weight.





Blacks, greys & whites

Natural cloth & specials

Colour customisation

Typically you can choose your preferred colours for the following areas:

  • Deck: The base colour used for the top of the boat.
  • Hull: The block used across  the entire hull.
  • Trim – Seam: The band around the length of the boat which separates the  deck from the hull.
  • Trim – Seat: We can tint your seat to match your boat or club colours.
  • Trim – Rim: The band around the top edge of the cockpit. It is recommended that this be the same colour as the seam line.
  • Flash: We can add single colour or multicolour flash to your deck. From a single diagonal stripe on the back deck to more complex longitudinal flashes that take a bit more time.
  • Sparkle and Metalic: There may be an additional charge for metalic and metal flake finishes. We have a range of flake options and backing colours so please ask for detials.