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Custom bulkhead

We can set the bulkheads exactly where you want them. There are several reason why you might want to deviate from the standard positions, but commonly, if you’re choosing a boat without a rudder, then we can customise the leg fit for just for you. Instead of using adjustable foot pegs, you can use the bulkhead as one big footrest. This not only reduces the weight of the build but you may also have the advantage of a larger forward hatch compartment.

We usually measure the bulkhead in from the back of the cockpit and we’ll need your guidance to get the position just right as everyone is different. As a start it’s best for you to measure from your lumbar to the ball of your toes, when sitting in a comfortable paddling position, preferably in a kayak if you have one, but you can do this against a wall too. We can then measure from a mid-positioned backrest to the bulkhead and add on 50mm for safety. This extra length can then be padded out at your convenience to get the fit just right with some wiggle room for future adjustment.

Note, with ruddered boats it is unlikely that you will need a custom bulkhead.