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Sliding footrest

If you need to regularly adjust the length of your footrest, then our sliding system makes things much easier. It’s perfect for clubs and offers an additional inch of movement (120mm altogether). Simply push the levers forward into the horizontal position (under the footrest), this releases the pins. Next slide the footrest into position. When you’re done, snap the pins back down and push the foot plate until you hear it click into place.

The new black-look footrest can be mounted directly to the normal side plate and can be fitted with a pull bar. There is an additional mounting point for the aluminium adjustable tiller bar, sold separately.

This system offers seven positions, and is very robust. We don’t recommend it for ultra-light boats, however, as it weights up to 400g more then our standard system. Also, there is no easy option to adjust the length of a fixed tiller bar which is an advantage in a personal boat.