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Standard footrest

Upgraded in strength and style, this classic half-plate footrest is one of the simplest, lightest and most developed systems on the market. Made using stronger marine grade CNC laser cut aluminium and fitted with comfortable wood plate, this footrest can be moved up to five-inches forward or back using the two thumb nuts and can be fitted with our latest pull bar system. As the fixing frame is positioned behind the footplate, the full width of the boat is available for your feet so they are not crammed and you have full use of the tiller bar.

The front plate can also be angled in one of three preset positions (-5, 0, +5 degrees), by removing the screws and replacing them in the alternative holes on the side. We recommend this system for personal boats as it’s reliable and light-weight. Let’s face it, how often do we really need to move the footrest once we have set the boat up the first time?

Crew boats

This aluminium and wood footrest can be found in the back of our K2s and K4s, with a warm-to-the-touch wooden plate and incredibly durable. To move it, simply undo the four thumbnuts and reposition on the rails.