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C-Trek 18


The highlights...

  • Rugged workhorse for the stronger or taller paddler.
  • The ultimate choice for weekend and serious expedition use
  • A choice of rugged and light-weight Kirton constructions
  • Rounded hull sections provide exceptional predictability and stability in rough conditions

If you’re a serious paddler then you need a serious boat. Designed by Rob Feloy for Sean Morley’s solo UK & Ireland Expedition, the C-Trek 18 is perfectly suited to the stronger, heavier paddler who needs a high carrying capacity and fast cruising speed. The total maximum displacement is a whopping 180kg (paddler + boat + load) but even fully laden, it remains surprisingly manoeuvrable and quick.

The elegant, simple lines give you style without compromising performance. It remains stable and forgiving in rough conditions. Thanks to Kirton’s legendary build-quality, the rugged constructions are very reliable without being heavy and the special lightweights are stiff and strong.

The C-Trek 18 boasts an efficient hull form with a long waterline, making it fast and less prone to pitching. This means that you stay comfortable and dry (relatively speaking of course) even in challenging conditions.

Using the adjustable skeg, this well-rockered kayak can easily be trimmed for neutral cross-wind performance. An optional rudder can be fitted if more control is required.

The C-Trek 18 is a rugged workhorse for the stronger paddler, and the ultimate choice for weekend and serious expedition use.



20px block

Total carrying capacity. 
Paddler weight +
Boat weight + kit





20px block

The widest point.
An indicator of stability.



Sizes available



8 out of 10


Cockpit (inside)


Features & options

3 + 1 (day)


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Number of hatches.
Plus optional hatches.

From 21kg

Boat weight

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Guide weight only.
May vary with colour choice
construction and choice
of fittings.

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Required for spray deck sizing.


Cockpit (external)

Fwd: 130ltr
Cockpit: 190ltr
Mid: 60ltr
Aft: 110ltr

Hatch volumes

Options & upgrades


Standard fittings


Smart Track Rudder

Butterfly steering

Custom colours

Custom upgrades


Keel strip

Custom bulkhead

Day hatch


Deck flash


Check out our website to get a feel for the models that are of most interest to you. A good starting point is to look at the stability factor. Newcomers should aim for a 10.


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