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Bolt (Junior)


The highlights...

  • Scaled down ergonomics for 7-12 year olds
  • Eases the transition to an adult K1 when the time comes
  • K1 length, feel and behaviour
  • Short and low footrest set-up for smaller legs and feet
  • Trimmed platform seat
  • Fits performance accessories such as a heel plate and pull bar
  • Light-weight compared to plastic Junior boats
  • Help retain keen paddlers in the sport when they outgrow the more stable options

The Bolt is a unique full-size K1 designed specifically for up-and-coming junior paddlers. Its key function is to give young paddlers a ‘proper’ K1 experience as soon as their ability allows, instead of staying in  short, stable and heavy kayaks, which will often hinder improvement. Loosely styled on our Rift K1, juniors that show a flare for the sport now have the option of getting a head start on the competition. They are able to gain precious years of experience paddling a 5.2m top K1, without the feeling of being swamped in the cockpit. In the fullness of time the transition to and adult K1 will be seamless.

The design

Designing a low volume full-length boat that behaves well, is no easy feat but we’ve poured over every detail of the Bolt to to bring all the wish-list features together for a really exciting kayak. The footrest and seat have enough adjustment for growing legs as the years pass. And as weight is gained, the balance-point of the boat is designed to move aft, allowing for the seat to be trimmed back without affecting the overall feel. Likewise, very small paddlers can be moved forward in the seat for the best performance and more suitable seating position. Achieving a poised and planted K1 feel was really important to us, and the Bolt is certainly not just a cut-down larger model. CAD designed and CNC machine cut in-house, the rocker profile has been specifically adjusted so it tracks well even with a very light paddler, and behaves nicely choppy conditions without the sensation of bobbing on the surface of the water.


The ergonomics have been scaled down all-round for smaller legs, hips and feet. You’ll notice that the cockpit is significantly shorter than and adult K1 and the footrest is lower to, but will still comfortably fit a pull bar and heel plate if requested. The footrest is set 5 inches ‘shortman’ which suits most 7-12 year olds perfectly. The platform seat has trimmed sides and is lowered into the hull to give the equivalent seat height an adult would experience in a top K1. Please note that, although stability is much better than many oversized K1s, this is a performance kayak and is and is intended for intermediate to advanced paddlers, and not beginners. Even so, youngsters often have big balance advantage over adults so may quickly become used to the wobble, especially if they have mastered a good support stroke. If in doubt talk to your coach.

Also note, the steering system is not quite the same as a standard marathon K1 rudder and has been modified to fit the small stern of the Bolt. The standard durable 8mm stem is sorter and a dedicated rudder wheel. If you need a replacement part is required please get in touch.



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Cockpit (inside)


Options & upgrades


Standard fittings

Understern rudder

Standard footrest

Standard colours

Platform seat

Custom upgrades

Heel plate

Sliding footrest

Custom colours

Deck flash

Pull bar


Check out our website to get a feel for the models that are of most interest to you. A good starting point is to look at the stability factor. Newcomers should aim for a 10.


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Shipping kayaks is pricey so you'll probably want to collect the boat from our Devon factory. We can often deliver to the canoeing events we attending too.