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The highlights...

  • Radical cut-away stern for improved hull efficiency
  • Markedly solid longitudinal stability for rapid acceleration
  • Improved lateral stability (less wobble)
  • Seamless external construction and beautiful designs
  • Hinged carbon full footplate (with pump option)

Quite simply, our most technologically advanced K1 to date. Designed from first principles, quite literally from a blank sheet of paper, the Rift is a K1 that has been reimagined in its entirety from the hull shape right through to the footrest. Every element of the Rift has been CAD modelled, simulated and accurately CNC machined at our UK factory in Devon. And yes, we are proud to say that almost every part of the Rift is made here in the UK!

Designed and built for uncompromised racing performance, the Rift’s hull works at its best when being driven hard. The harder you work, the harder the radical sliced stern will work for you, and this is where things get really interesting.

What’s with the stern?

With its tip just lying beneath the waterline, this sharp tail edge has the joint purpose of cutting turbulent water clean from the hull (reducing drag) while also providing grip to improve directional tracking, both on and off the wash. Dynamically the boat behaves like a much longer boat, and with conventional full-round sections through the majority of the hull, we’ve kept wetted surface to a minimum to give the Rift a familiar efficient K1 feel – there are no wacky chines or flats here.

On paddling, you’ll notice we’ve made big advances in improving the longitudinal stability. By reducing the pitching movements (most noticeable on big sprint and marathon starts) the Rift stays level in the water so is able to pick up speed quickly, cleanly and efficiently. There is also a welcome increase in the side-to-side lateral stability, making the boat feel less twitchy overall, enabling you to put down maximum power with confidence. Both aid in keeping the boat balanced and true in the water for the best hull performance.

Beautiful seamless construction

But it’s not just boat shape we’ve been working on. Every aspect has been overhauled. We’re proud to announce all new constructions, finishes, designs and fittings, and there’s even more in the pipeline. The standard Rift comes with a fully seamless external finish as standard, blending the deck and hull into one continuous surface, providing a marginal improvement to performance while adding significantly to the style – this might be our prettiest boat to date.

To complement the finish, we have three new seamless constructions: the 12X for elite marathon performance; the 14X with a little more flex and lower price point; and the 8X which is an affordable carbon sprint construction. If you want something extra special, all X constructions can benefit from our new range of customisable house designs using our boat designer app, allowing you to apply striking colours and shapes to both the deck and hull of your Rift. If you want to go all out, you can even consult with us for a special one-off bespoke paint design.

Advanced carbon foot plate

Complementing the heel plate option (positioned below the footrest), we have a new super-stiff hinged carbon full plate, which anchors to the boat in three places and is completely angle and length adjustable for comfort. It takes more setting up than a basic footrest but is a must for performance paddling. The required tool is provided and stowed behind the cockpit.

You’ll notice that all footrest fittings are positioned behind the foot plate which gives you a wider footplate for full tiller movement and the best steering possible. Our latest pullbar is angle, depth and hight adjustable and is both stronger, lighter and wider than our previous system, accommodating more tiller movement and both larger and smaller feet.

Upgraded seat

The platform seat is now even more comfortable, smoother running and lighter with more height settings and options. The rapid sliding adjustment requires just two thumbscrews to length-adjust and the runners are both height and angle adjustable. Higher runners can be provided on request. The seat top is CNC trimmed in house and can be modified if required to the athlete’s requirement.


Due the way the volume is distributed in the Rift, each size has the capacity to handle much larger weight range than some other models.

Rift M : Centred around a 60kg paddler with a designed range between 50-70kg (absolute recommended minimum 43kg). Designed with slightly more space at the seat, to allow for a lower seat position.

Rift L : Centred around a 75kg paddler with a carrying range between 65-85kg (63-88kg absolute recommended range depending on construction). With heavier paddlers it is recommended that the boat be trimmed aft for optimal trimming.

Rift XL: Centred around a 90kg paddler with a wide weight range of 80-100kg. The XL was designed and built from scratch. It features a slightly wider hull at the seat, and thinned-down bow sections to allow the same paddle entry as the L despite the increase in volume.

We’re really excited about the Rift so please get in touch if you’d like to try it or talk about it. We’re also looking for team paddlers so if you think you have got what it takes, or know someone that does, contact us now.



20px block

Total carrying capacity. 
Paddler weight +
Boat weight + kit





20px block

The widest point.
An indicator of stability.


M, L, XL

Sizes available



1 out of 10


Cockpit (inside)

M: 95x38cm
L: 100x38cm
XL: 98x38cm

Options & upgrades


Standard fittings

Bow seamless

Leg length adjustment

Understern rudder

Custom colours

Pro footrest

Platform seat

Custom upgrades

Full seamless

Carbon rudder hatch

Fitted footpump

Heel plate

Carbon pedals

Sliding footrest

Deck flash

Wooden platform seat


Check out our website to get a feel for the models that are of most interest to you. A good starting point is to look at the stability factor. Newcomers should aim for a 10.


Give us a call or send an email if you have any questions. After all, that's what we're here for! We won't sell you anything you don't need. We just want you to be in the right boat.


We'll need a minimum 10% deposit to secure your build slot. Do this as soon as possible to prevent delays to your order. The deposit may be paid by bank transfer or card.


We can only start your build once we have your final specification, so don’t delay too long. The choices can be overwhelming so please ask if you are unsure about anything.


We will give you a call or send an email when your boat is ready for collection. Full payment should be made before the boat leaves the factory, but you can look the boat over first.


Shipping kayaks is pricey so you'll probably want to collect the boat from our Devon factory. We can often deliver to the canoeing events we attending too.